What is our goal at Old City Group? To take what you’re doing right so far and make it even better. We’re in the business of maximizing opportunities!!

Our ‘toolbox’ contains decades of experience with proven out-of-the-box high-impact solutions for existing and new businesses. Our consultants will focus on marketing and technology solutions that are tailor-made to take your business to the next level with an aim to cut expenses.

We have an array of in-depth, ready-to-use tools and well-researched marketing packages/programs to choose from and each can be crafted to fit your individual needs to exceed your goals. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” and we embrace that notion.

With dedication and direction from our diverse and knowledgeable marketing and technology-focused team, we will utilize our decades of experience, resources, and networking to boost your business’ success, no matter your company size, no matter how long you’ve been at it. All with measurable results we’ve delivered time and time again.

OCG collaborates with marketing and technology experts across many industries. We have the means and know-how to provide strategic solutions and implement tools for each area of your business—from marketing to management and beyond. These personalized solutions emphasize efficiency and affordability as we increase your return on investment (ROI).

We are with you at every step as our consultation services allow for one-on-one advice, restructuring, planning, and most importantly, execution. All which will simply lead to your overall success.

  • Marketing – Strategic planning, target market research, ROI analysis, P2P marketing, online marketing, content marketing, social media strategies, workflow automation, etc.
  • Systems – Contact center development, lead management solutions, customer relations management, accounting systems and mobile applications, etc.
  • E-Commerce – This is designed to help you ensure secure online transactions with a smooth user interface which is affordable for your business size.
  • Printing – We can help you print anything your business still needs in the online age at top quality and an affordable price.
  • Design – A picture is worth a thousand words. Your business’ branding and positive awareness is critical for success.
  • New Businesses – We help turn great ideas into successful businesses, from business cards and web design to Mobile Apps and comprehensive UX concepts to recruiting solutions and shelf products.
  • Payment Solutions – In today’s world of virtual cash transactions, setting up safety methods with flexible solutions and integration takes in-depth planning and experience. We’re ready to move your money the modern way.

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