Collaborative Marketing Strategies

OCG is proud to promote an awareness-driven trend in today’s business marketplace—collaborative marketing strategies. With the collaborative marketing model, businesses emphasize and facilitate their consumers’ role in directing the vendors who provide their services. It’s a refreshing way to orchestrate and developrelationships that are mutually beneficial to like-minded businesses and their customers.

Consumers inform your business.

  • Collaboration between businesses encourages more extensive and consistent audience and market research. Businesses gain valuable insights into the interests and spending habits of their consumers. Consumers are engaged and better satisfied, creating intentional (and unsolicited) industry “buzz” online and in other market streams.
  • Companies cooperate to energize and activate a shared audience. This creates value through public exchanges with consumers, vendors, and businesses alike. Maximize opportunities through shared ad space, event sponsorships, packaged service offerings, partner referrals, shared survey data, and target market research.
  • Build cooperation through vendor networks and industry resource directories.
  • Emphasize your values the “expert” in your area of specialty; generate industry demand by promoting outreach to vendors in similar fields.

Reduce expenses, increase results.

Through collaborative partnerships, businesses can reduce advertising expenses AND increase results, all while building strong relationships to increase ROI. Why stand alone, when you can collaborate? Get started today with OCG to strategize and see success!