Corporate Identity And Logo Design

Corporate identity is the “visual” aspect of your branding and positioning, creating your custom, industry trademark. It more than just a logo—your corporate identity also extends to your internal and external communications, business stationery, web development, creative advertising, and public relations materials. OCG’s graphic designers consult, create and strategize with you to create a visual identity that’s uniquely, powerfully and purposefully your own. Isn’t it time you start getting noticed?

• Design a logo that clearly represents your business’ mission and model
• Use color psychology to appeal emotionally to your target audience
• Make your business instantly recognizable
• Create and distribute a corporate identity manual
• Ensure consistent use of your logo by all departments, employees and consultants

Integrate and apply your corporate identity to all internal and outreach materials:

• business cards, letterhead, brochures
catalogues, product advertising, event promotions, press-releases
web design, email broadcasting, online merchandising
• signage, company dress code and even office decor