Publication Layout

It’s no secret that writers can be strange and unique people. When authoring a manuscript, article or editorial, they’re thinking about their message, not the practical issues of print production. And that’s okay. Let the writers do their job, their way. You don’t need to worry, because OCG pre-press graphic designers receive your manuscripts in any format—from pencil-sketched sticky notes to hi-tech shorthand punched into a cell phone. With traditional skills and modern publishing experience, we’ll get your project ready for print in no time. We’ll execute the nuanced details of multi-page document layout, from headers and footers to indexes and indicias. Not press ready? Don’t worry. OCG is here to help.

• Convert text from hard copy, word processing docs or other raw data files
• Format pages that look clean and professional
• Optimize type and images for high-resolution commercial offset or digital printing
• Streamline style-sheets, chapter divisions, pagination, indexing and more
• Create print-ready files using professional software (InDesign, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw, etc)
• Produce universal (locked or editable) Adobe PDF files
• Convert your press-ready publication for convenient, e-book distribution
Copywriting and editing available

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