Website Design

These days, preschoolers practically design their own websites. But for the sake of your professional, business image, you really ought to stick with the pros. At OCG, our award-winning web designers guarantee a strong first impression—one that gets better, stronger and more compelling with each click of the mouse. From homepage to history, engage your audience and introduce them to everything that makes your company one-of-a-kind. After all, when you get an online visitor, you really want him to stick around!

• Utilize your corporate identity and logo design to aesthetically immerse and impact your browsers
• Energize visitors with design elements that underscore and emphasize your branding and positioning
• Promote visitor interaction with attractive personalization and customizable interfaces
• Create a website that looks high-end, unique and one-of-a-kind
• Activate color theory and psychology throughout your website, creating a compelling call to action
• Provide a website that’s visually stimulating, yet soothing and easy to read
• Integrate web design with visually consistent email broadcasting
• Design creative navigation for web development, e-commerce and online marketing functions

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