A great deal of today’s marketing strategies is online-based. Broad in nature, marketing covers PR, SEO, PPC, SMO, email-blasts, and the like. There is a lot to cover, but we’ve got you covered! And not only are we pros when it comes to online reach, but we mix in more traditional solutions as well, creating a well-rounded, broad-based marketing plan covering every angle.

With top-of-the-line, tech-based solutions from Old City Group, no marketing goal is out of reach. We will help you meet and exceed your business goals, no matter your business’ size or what you have in the works thus far… even if you are starting from the ground up.

At OCG, we made up of a team of dedicated experts with decades of combined experience ready to zero in on your target audience. Together, we will design a customized, high-impact, efficient, and effective online presence. We’ll hone in on your desired demographics with targeting that uses advanced tools and technology to help you grow and learn why it’s working. In turn, you’ll generate quality opportunities, make more conversions, and increase your business’ long-term sustainability.

And because social media is today’s“word-of-mouth,” we place an emphasis on socializing your business with a stream of steady content on the social networks that are most relevant to your industry, building atrusting rapport with your core audience. This is the catalyst for building strong relationships and often leads to brand ambassadors, which are invaluable.

By launching our best and proven-effective marketing strategies, we work with you to create an advanced workflow automation (AKA automated marketing) straight toward your response-ready consumers.We’ll propel your business into mile-high territory, where overall success is the desired destination.

We offer: