Branding and Positioning

Is your business a household name? An industry standard? A cultural phenomenon? If perception is everything—and it is—your corporate branding should stand up and sing. Your market position should shout your unique and impelling mantra! At OCG, we understand that, to seriously impact today’s marketplace, you need to communicate loudly and clearly. Our team can help you clarify your message, dramatize your marketing methods and measure your strategic results.

Make your mark:

• Define your target market
• Create or recreate your corporate identity and logo design
• Maximize your brand name
• Identify unique business attributes and product space
• Increase market demand for your brand
• Positioning, re-positioning and de-positioning
• Copyright and trademark protection
• Establish unique visual communication
• Express brand attributes through professional copywriting
• Increase brand visibility
• Brand merchandising
Customer surveys, engagement and management
• Promoting your brand nationally and globally