Creative Advertising

Creative advertising is the dynamic and compelling combination of verbal and visual design that creates a powerful, attention-grabbing invitation to delve deeper and explore further. At OCG, our creative advertising consultants synergize with copywritersdesignersphotographersweb developersmarketers and other relevant industry experts. We build upon the foundation of your corporate identitybranding and positioning. But most importantly, based on the audience you’re aiming at.We then embolden your message with a fresh stroke of progressive creativity, the OCG way.

Creative conceptualization

  • Identify what makes your business unique
  • Maximize and energize your business offerings
  • Create personalized campaigns that unfold collaterally or seasonally
  • Maximize exposure time and space to highlight key promotional and marketing elements

Sophisticated design

  • Achieve a refined presentation with upscale and professional artwork and typography
  • Apply high-tech multimedia effects and other hyper-sensory elements
  • Use color psychology to underscore consumers’ emotions and intentions

Intelligent Copywriting

  • Write promotional copy that is brief, emphatic, and descriptive while remaining on-brand
  • Meet legal and industry “fine print” requirements
  • Choose dynamic headlines that are dynamic and attention-grabbing
  • Produce and distribute ads with perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Strategically analyze media planning and buying

Where to advertise? Consider…