Cross-Media Marketing

Have you ever been told, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” At OCG, we believe that’s the key to making your best marketing campaigns even better. By expanding and overlapping your media platforms, you empower your consumers to receive, respond, and interact with your company via their preferred method of communication. Your response rate can take off when you personalize and practicalize your advertising—by email, by voice mail, even by good old-fashioned snail mail. Call OCG to get moving, get mixing, and get multi-tasking!

Online Marketing:

  • Activate website feedback forms to generate sales leads
  • Require customer accounts to profile demographic, geographic, and psychographic data
  • Real-time reports from site visitors, enable nearly-instant feedback
  • Social media campaigns and advertising
  • Ad display network

Marketing Automation (workflow):

  • One-click buttons solicit readers to register, renew, donate, or buy
  • Forward-to-friend functions generate leads to familiar contacts, expanding reach
  • Conduct customer surveys and easily produce detailed respondent reports
  • Emails link to Personalized Landing Pages (PURLS) for directness and call to action

Direct Mail and Print Advertising:

  • Surprise your audience, be unique, let them get an old-fashioned mail, yet personalized with modern technology
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Barcoding identifies direct mail delivery dates
  • Automatically trigger followup

Spread those eggs and see how many baskets you can fill!