Direct Marketing – P2P, B2B, B2C

Unlike media-based marketing programs, direct marketing reaches to the root of your consumer territory. Direct marketing sells your message straight to individual consumers, then solicits their personal response with an urgent call to action. Unlike media that’s exposed to a non-quantitative audience, responses to direct marketing are trackable, measurable and reliable. OCG experts can evaluate the benefits of direct marketing for your business, integrating it with other marketing initiatives and ever-advancing technology.

Reach Out!

P2P—Person to Person
Promote your products and services via agents, salespersons and contracted consumers.

B2B—Business to Business
Market your products and services to other vendors.

B2C—Business to Consumer
Offer products and services to consumers within your target market

Get Real.

• Response-driven direct mail, catalogs and capability brochures
Telephone marketing and email broadcasting
• Couponing and coded promotions