Display Ads

We at OCG know that advertising and creating awareness about your business is imperative. You’ve put in the hard work and now you want your name on the street for customers and clients to find you,so you can make the most of your product or service. With display ads (pay-per-click) you can stay within budget while making your business more noticeable. Not only are display ads powerful, but the full effect (and savings)comes about when you show them to a potential target. They are ultimately effective when designed and implemented properly and will appear online to raise awareness about your product or service or simply your brand, but we at OCG will work as hard as we can to show you how to make your ads viewable only for those who have high potential interest in what you can offer.

Through these online display ads, potential web-browsing customers will get acquainted with your business when they see an ad that catches their attention. This is the way to build brand awareness and gain customers.

Our marketing and advertising pros with decades of combined experience have the know-howto integrate multiple marketing methods while focusing on each campaign, along with focusing on targeting the audience you aim to reach. We create and design display ads and banners in various sizes, with a well-thought-out group of iterations to test which are most compelling and get clicked the most. We will make use of your business’ best features and what makes you stand out from the crowd in the design process as we tweak and perfect the ads.

Our creative team is up for the challenge to design ads that are eye-catching, appealing, interesting, and fit in with your business’ standards, style, and sensibilities. We can work with your current ad suite or create new ones from the ground up. We will work with your team or go at it on our own, presenting you with display ads you never could have dreamed of.

  • Work with you on compelling marketing messaging
  • Design ads – display, native, banner, interstitial, etc.
  • Test and evaluate effectiveness via analytics
  • Fine-tune to find the best web placements and messaging
  • Provide feedback on click-thru data

Your business deserves to be on display. Let’s create ads which do just that. Customers will click, and you’ll see an uptick in business!