Email Broadcasting

Who doesn’t love a cheery “You’ve got mail!” from friends or family? But email—in all its amazing, instantaneous, multi-dimensional, telecom glory—isn’t just for personal notes anymore. Email provides a perfect delivery system for low-cost, high-impact marketing by any business. From short-lived promotions to long-term subscription services, OCG can deliver email to your on-the-go clients. Pretty soon, you’ll have mail for an entire market of online consumers!

• Email broadcasting consults, coaching and analysis
• Full-service, web-relevant email design
• Easy-to-use email broadcast service subscriptions
• Email broadcast and website integration
• Build, import, manage and secure your email marketing database
• Archive your email broadcasts for future reuse
• Setup one-time or regularly-scheduled marketing emails
• Engage new contacts instantly with email auto-response


• Navigate common anti-spam filters; ensure your email gets delivered
• Keep your email broadcasting legal and reader-friendly
• Comply with federal anti-spam and opt-out registries