Target Market Research

OCG offers an efficient alternative to traditional, expensive, broad-based advertising campaigns. Following real-time consumer trends, our expert consultants narrowly define a focused group of your ideal customers. We surgically match your unique business power—attributes not promoted by other mainstream providers—with prime client pools not yet monopolized by another vendor. Empowered with this information, you maximize every single marketing dollar. In today’s penny-pinching economy, who can afford to waste one cent?

Target Market Research by OCG:

• Establish your target customer profile
• Identify your primary and secondary markets
• Understand your target market needs, problems and emotions
• Conduct geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentations
• Identify markets monopolized by your competition
• Capitalize on preexsisting public market research
• Apply personalization platforms to increase marketing response

Employ cutting edge technology for market research:

• Evaluate online data with acumen and nuance
• Enrich your survey quality with audio-visual feedback
• Produce actionable maps, graphs, reports and priority task lists
• Intelligently methodize thousands of worldwide research factors