Telephone Marketing

Mail, email and advertising are great. But if you want to reach customers on a personal level, telephone marketing is what makes it happen. With warmth and personality, your verbal call-to-action motivates spontaneous response—something that passive methods just can’t accomplish. Done right, your telemarketing call comes with a name, a voice and an identity that engages consumers. You give your prospects the chance to be heard, to be served, and to make their opinions count. OCG can orient and energize your telephone marketing campaigns, with advice, analysis or even full-service execution.

CLOSE THE DEAL with telemarketing solutions from OCG:

Direct, recorded, interactive and database-oriented marketing
Target market research and optimized call lists, rentals and purchases
• Efficient scriptwriting and call time-management
• Caller training, coaching and motivational benefits
• Employ high-tech dialer systems or call center development
• Telephone strategies for direct B2B and B2C marketing
• Telephone marketing ROI analysis

Integrate with other, cross-media marketing strategies:

Lead management software
• Followup calls
Email broadcasting and direct mail advertising