Workflow Automation

Efficiency and easewill keep your business running smoothly and effectively. With OCG’s customized workflow automation tools put into place, we will streamline and improve your business’communication with your audience based on their behavior.

The OCG team has decades of combined experience in handling business operations, putting best practices into place for companies of all sizes. We will create a specialized workflow that keeps your business moving and grooving by mapping out a plan and solution to cater to what your audience is attracted to. No obstacles are too challenging to overcome; we will create a program that is virtually error-free, problem-solving, and solutions-oriented.

Machine Learning Algorithms, or MLA, is not the domain of very large institutions anymore; every business, small or large, is capable of utilizing those sophisticated platforms and our goal is make it available, not only to your business but also to fit your budget.

We’ll create a strategic cascade of emails for a behavior-based submission. A smart workflow process is where the system acknowledges a visit on your website page, activity on your social media account, a form fill out, or simply an unopened email.The system will know when to send each email from a series we’ll help you create.

With a well-engineered and monitored workflow animation, you’ll spend less time “reinventing the wheel” and more time working towards what will significantly move the needle. Let’s automate!

  • Improved Productivity
  • Creation of Email Cascade
  • Behavior-Based Response
  • More Engagement with Audience
  • Customizable Analytics