Interactive Printing Estimator

OCG is proud to offer this cutting-edge, interactive printing estimator—a revolutionary software solution to the printing industry’s estimation paradigm!

For the first time ever, estimating print jobs is simple, and—more importantly—it’s trustworthy. Through complex and intelligent data programming, our interactive printing estimator integrates planning and production with customer relations and back end administration. It addresses every variable, compares every factor and streamlines every operation. The result? We save you time and money, with every estimate, time after time.

Reduce estimate turnaround time and virtually eliminate estimate revisions.

• Point-and-click navigation provides instant cost configuration
• Determines your ideal printing environment
• Choose a print shop with commercial offset or on-demand digital printing
• Calculates prices for multiple quantities; achieve the best cost per piece
• Incorporates market prices for paper, ink, adhesives and other supplies
• Factors peripheral costs—covers, coating, binding, packaging, shipping and delivery
• Produces an accurate, comprehensive project estimate—get intelligent, ingenious results!

Measure cost savings—visibly and tangibly!

• Budget Remaining feature highlights project savings to bring you under budget, every time
• Optimize the power of print technology—gain confidence that you’re putting the best to work for you.

Superior Systems Integration

• Automatically assigns a numeric job ticket to every estimate
• Streamlines print tracking, project trafficking and billing—across multiple departments
• Integrates with company websites, QuickBooks accounting software, FTP locations
• Integrates with most ERP and CRM applications
• Delivers real-time progress reports to clients—automatically and dynamically—at each project milestone


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