Inventory Management Systems

Whether your business is big or small, inventory management critically supports your company’s sales operation. OCG is committed to provide affordable inventory management support at any level your company requires—from simple “off the shelf” software packages to complex, custom solutions for large business enterprises.

Inventory Management 101:

Record beginning inventory, purchases and production costs

Comply with inventory accounting regulations
Meet requirements established by US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board)

Standardize cost accounting
Utilize efficiency ratios that compare estimated-versus-actual labor and materials

Balance your inventory
Balance assets, storage and insurance costs, distressed inventory, inventory credit, inventory turnover ratio and working capital

Maximize your functional inventory
Manufacturing, stock-keeping units (SKU) and buffer stock, raw materials, work in process (WIP), finished goods, goods for resale and spare parts

Order fulfillment
Warehousing, shipping and notification

Fully integrated software
Implement software packages that integrate your fulfillment, bookkeeping and other enterprise resource planning systems