Printing Estimate Automation

Customers on the go can’t wait around for labor-intensive estimates. Stop losing business to competitors who simply crunch the numbers more quickly! OCG can outfit your business with cutting-edge software to estimate print jobs on demand. Estimate solutions are affordable and optimized for any business, large or small.

So toss out your old-fashioned calculators! It’s time to get competitive with quick quotes for printing and more. It’s your business—accelerated.

Accelerate and automate.

• Modular systems easily configured for any size business
• Configurations match your equipment and production capabilities
• Conveniently integrate current customer databases
• Instantly compute hundreds of technical parameters
• Estimate jobs from pre-press to finishing
• Estimate commercial offset, on-demand digital and large-format print jobs
• Calculate prices for up to 75 different quantities at once
• Produce professionally-written estimates delivered by mail, email or fax
• Correspond estimate to job ticket, traffic schedules, paper ordering, invoices, job history and reorders
• Integrate print estimates with other enterprise resource planning software
• Need serious estimates, authorized and on demand? Check out our interactive printing estimator