Printing Project Planner

Printing a book or catalog? Direct mailpiece? Creative advertising? OCG’s print services begin with a plan that’s simple to use—but far from simplistic. Step by step, we guide you through creative ideas and industry standards, details that make your project a guaranteed success.

Sticking to your budget has never been easier.

Our experienced professionals go to work on your wish list, helping you turn out the highest quality product your budget allows. You can independently add, subtract or multiply the features of your printing project—from basic requirements to elegant enhancements. You can move, swap or change the details, crunching the numbers until you’ve got it just right. And remember that at OCG, we don’t just make promises. We make you proud.

• Bring your vision to life with our simple, step-by-step project planner
• Easily navigate pull-down menus and real-time budget calculators
• Select print format, quantity, colors, paper, binding and finishing options
• Maximize your budget! Optimize available resources to reduce costs
• Manipulate efficient combinations of price, priority, quality and quantity
• Submit your project plan to our interactive printing estimator for an instant, authorized quote.
• IT’S THAT EASY! Click here to preview the Printing Project Planner