Variable Data Printing – VDP

With variable data printing, visual elements such as text, graphics and images can be changed from one printed piece to the next—without stopping or slowing down the overall printing process.

Think of it as graduation from mass production to mass customization. Enabled by digital printing, VDP integrates data from your evolutionary databases and personalization platforms. The result? Every piece you print will be unique to the client who receives it. VDP marketing takes calculation and know-how, but our OCG consultants are reliably VDP savvy; we’ll plan, organize and execute your custom job with sophistication and simplicity. It’s a switcheroo that’s guaranteed to turn a few heads and boost your ROI significantly.

Virtually unlimited transpromotional technology… Seriously cool.

• Use VDP for direct marketing, customer relations management (CRM) and invoicing
• Perfect for direct mail, self-mailers and postcard campaigns
• Put VDP to work wirelessly! Apply the technology to web development and email broadcasting
• Send custom messages via text message and social networking systems
• Combine static and variable elements for optimum print efficiency
• Change salutations, performance statistics and more